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Testosterone Cypionate - The Why, When and How

Testosterone Cypionate is an injectable solution that commonly falls under the category of generic drug and is yet to be approached with utmost caution, we show, in this short article, have a closer look at the uses and side effects of this drug.

This is a drug that is available only in an injectable solution and is commonly taken in a muscle area, more preferably by an experienced doctor. One of the main reasons for taking this drug is hypogonadism, a condition normally found in males where the sexual hormone, namely testosterone is nor produced in enough quantities.

This can happen in two stages: primary where the testicles simply do not produce enough testosterone and an advanced stage known as hypogonadotropic hypogonadism, where a certain damage to the brain could prevent these organs from producing the right levels of testosterone.

Side Effects of Testosterone Cypionate

Like any other drugs connected to testosterone, Testosterone Cypionate too can have its own major side effects and is bot to be treated as a kids play. Heart diseases, liver problems and blood clots are just a few pother many serious issues that the misuse of this drug could lead to.

Another common mistake that is found among patients using this drug is the tendency to take higher doses which could lead to similar effects that are mentioned above. It is for this reason that Testosterone Cypionate is best taken by and only by a doctor or an experienced health care expert.

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