Why Steroids? Classifications Dose & Uses

Steroids a biologically active compound where the structure is four rings arranged in specific molecular arrangement. It is found naturally in plants and animals and the core structure is comprised of seventeen carbon atoms. It alters membrane fluidity and functions as signaling molecules. It can produced synthetically which resembles.


Functionally steroids can be classified in three sections namely corticosteroids, Estrogen & Progestogens and Androgens. In the first category fall the natural and synthetic hormones relate to adrenal cortex which influences key functions of the body including metabolism, retaining water, protein and carbohydrate synthesis and cardiovascular system. The second category comprise of female sex hormone which play significant role for development of sexual characteristics in women and female reproductive system. The third category play significantly influences male secondary characteristics and reproductive system. Anabolic steroids come under this category which is used in various medical treatments and muscle development. The steroids act on cells by passing through the cell membrane then enter the nucleus and initiates gene transcription and protein production.

The Uses

Basically Corticosteroid is the synthetic form of natural hormone cortisol which performs functions from metabolism to controlling the immune system. So in the case of lack of proper growth and body strength such products become necessary. In the case of any inflammatory tendency in any of the organ and growth related complications anabolic steroids become effective. In case of body’s natural reaction to infection or bacteria inflammation occurs. Considering the symptoms of arthritis inflammation can be observed in the bone joints. In the case you have muscle pain and stiffness then the specialist will prescribe the products. In the case of asthma, autoimmune diseases, skin disease and certain types of cancers steroids become effective. The steroids help to open the airways in the lungs. The anabolic steroids are used in the case of muscle development and performance enhancement through increased protein synthesis. Anabolic steroids as professionally recommended for delayed puberty in boys, low testosterone level and certain blood disorders.

Taking in appropriate dose

You have to remember that steroids have to be used in appropriate dose and it has been found that before prescribing any of the products the physician prefers to carry out a few medical tests to find out which steroid will suit you. In the case overdose the possible side effects include high blood pressure, muscle weakness, liver diseases, seizure, nausea and allergic reaction. That is the reason you should use these products as per the instruction mentioned on the prescription of the physician. In the case of anabolic steroid you should not entertain overdose expecting greater results.


The different types of steroids are available in pill, injectable or liquid forms. Moreover, you can get the products at over the counter outlets and online. You can carry out an online study to visit the reliable websites to gather detailed information about the suppliers, manufacturers and products. You can study the list of capable suppliers, examine the response of the customer care section, verify the reputation of the companies, compare the prices, check the documentation support and payment methods and delivery systems. Once you are satisfied regarding the above factors then you can buy steroids for the specific purpose. You should follow the instruction of the physician strictly so that you get the desired results. It has to be seen a product has the right type of tolerance level.

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