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Manufacturer: Axiolabs
Substance: Clenbuterol
Pack: 100 tabs (40 mcg/tab)

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Clenbutaplex Detailed


Fat Burning and Nutrient Utilization Properties Are Beneficial

Initially Clenbuterol was used as a long lasting bronchodilator for the treatment of breathing disorders. It belongs to that class of medication which is called beta2-agonists.Later on it was found to be quite effective for muscle growth, increase in strength and agility. Due to its thermogenic property the excess fat is properly burnt in order to have a lean body structure which is a basic criterion for an athelet.It has been found to be widely used by the sports persons during the pre-competition period. Due to the beta2 stimulation the calories are burnt at an enhanced rate. In the process the fat cells are also stimulated due to the increase in the temperature and finally the rate of metabolism is enhanced. It is in fact the breakdown of triglycerides. It is most beneficial to use it during the last 8 to 10 weeks prior to a competition. You should start with a low dose of 20mcg per day and gradually it can increased up to 80 to100mcg per day once the tolerance level increases. It is better to start with a low dose for two weeks then stop taking it for the next two weeks, after that you can slowly increase the dose. It is mildly anabolic and anti-catabolic, the effect starts to wear off in the third week of the cycle so it is beneficial to use it two weeks at a time.

Beta2 receptor stimulation is the key factor

The main reason that the athletes can experience performance enhancement is its ability to increase oxygen uptake. It also results in increased physical endurance in terms of agility. The fat burning ability of Clenbuterol provides definite edge for the athletes when performance enhancement is concerned. It is found that the competitors are classified according to the body weight and it proves really effective when fat burning is concerned during the pre-competition period. So the contestant can be included in the target weight classification. It is quite useful for achieving the athletes’ correct contest weight. Another significant benefit is its ability to utilize and distribute nutrients within the body. It actively stimulates the beta2 receptor and as a result the metabolic rate of a sports person increases through enhancement of body temperature. It is also used by the sports persons as a protection from estrogen effects during the post cycle period. During the pre and post training periods nutrient uptake speed is really significant. On the other hand Clenbuterol increases the production of epinephrine and noradrenaline and in the process you can experience rapid fat burning, increased energy and greater determination.

Having complete information and following the guidelines

In order to get the desired results you have to consult a physician regarding the dose because it depends upon your age, sex, athletic goals and medical conditions. You should take it at the suggested dose. Otherwise you may experience undesired effects which include headache, abnormal sweating, shaking, anxiety, heart palpitation and increased blood pressure. You should disclose the names of all the other medications you are having because Clenbuterol may interact with medicines which affect Catecolamines.

The advantages you get as you buy online

In the case you plan to buy clenbuterol online then you should carry out an online study to find authentic manufacturers who have the list of authorized suppliers in their websites. You can go through all the terms and conditions. You can be assured of getting quality products and competitive price.



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